Currey Music Studio


New students get a free introduction lesson with no commitment to continue. The Free Into Lesson is 30-45 minutes, as part of the lesson is discussing what the student is looking for, student experience, and expectations. Both the student and teacher will get a better understanding on expectations and lesson details.

To sign up for your Free Intro Lesson, complete the registration and book your free lesson on the calendar. If it shows a charge, I will credit the charge. You can  also contact Ronnie Currey by phone, text, or email with questions or a request for a call by Ronnie.

Lessons are given in Ronnie's home studio on Siam Dr. in Spring Hill, FL. 34609 where he has an area for his studio. Students can drive into the garage and enter into the home and studio through a door at the rear of the garage. Ronnie will usually be in the garage to welcome you and take you to the studio. Students are welcome to have family or a friend to attend with the potential student.

Go to the Home Page and click on New Student Registration, and complete the form. You will be given your own secure and password protected webpage where you can Read lesson notes, cancel a lesson, assign a makeup lesson, download music including mpeg files, make a payment, and much more. If you are unable to see open slots on the calendar, you will be notified by text when you are activated. Just because you register does not mean you will be required to continue after your first free lessons.

If you decide to continue lessons after your initial free lesson, the monthly rate is $80 for four 30 minute lessons a month. If you begin during the month, the fee will be prorated on the number of weeks left in the month.

Phone: 352-616-1979 for calls and texting

Home Phone for calls from Ronnie: 352-293-4666